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The first vital step is to get started.  Our mission is to teach business owners by providing educational materials who is interested in building a profitable business. 


We are working on getting your actionable content, a Resources page, and YouTube video series.  Stay Tuned… 

Start a Business

...showing entrepreneurs how to start their own business one step at a time and help you succeed.

Work as a Subcontractor

...working as a subcontractor is a good starting point in the local, state, and Government marketplace.

Start a Consulting Company

...You specialize in a field and would like to help other business owners grow their business.

Subcontractors Path to Government Contracting

Video Introduction

Greetings Small Business Professionals! I’m Akiesha Foster with KeyToLife Professional Services LLC, we help small business owners get started in the government marketplace. You’re watching our mini-course Introduction on Subcontractors Path to Government Contracting.