Proposal Management for the Government Marketplace

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People frequently try to establish a mechanism that succeeds. Moreover, they probably wind up getting frustrated with the management of the bid or proposal. Yet, the proposal management process is the key to winning the government contracts.

Proposal Management

Business owners who want to operate their business in the government marketplace need to learn first.  What is proposal management?  Whenever a company looks for opportunities in the government marketplace.  It is difficult for small businesses to generate revenue at the start.  Hence, patience is the key to get started.

The right proposal management process is key to identifying bid or proposal-writing tasks. Yet, people often try to establish a mechanism that succeeds without a proper bid and proposal management method. That is why they probably end up getting frustrated with the management of the proposal.

Now, we are going to break down the entire process.  In this article, we will discuss proposal management and its process.  So, let’s dive into it!

What is Proposal Management?

Proposal management is the closure of a deal in a written contract that uses repeatable procedures to direct the participants.  The proposal manager introduces the method of preparing and developing the proposal’s content, assigns workers and schedules their participation, and validates the accuracy of the proposal.

Proposal Management Process

Listed are the steps in the proposal management that you need to include in your proposal management process:

Step 1: Go/No-Go Decision Checklist

Before you create a proposal or bid outline, you need to decide whether the Request for Proposal (RFP) or the Invitation for Bid (IFB) is worth pursuing, is your company a qualified match.  You need to assess how well you can compete for the requirement and if you meet all the minimum requirements or will you need a teaming partner. How much will this requirement increase the company’s revenue?

There is procurement forecast information for agencies available to help your company identify upcoming opportunities so you can plan properly, and your company has a fair chance of winning.

Step 2: Proposal Outline

Once you have decided to respond, it is essential to begin planning. The preparation of proposals involves selecting each individual’s tasks and responsibilities, the implementation of a winning approach, and writing a project summary. Additionally, the process consists of the creation of timelines and collaboration with consultants and contractors.

Step 3: Sources Sought| Proposal | Kick-Off Meeting

When you have started planning the project, you will need to organize each one who is contributing to the initiative.  This will ensure that individuals know what to do, and all are on the same page. The reason for the kick-off meeting is to clarify any questions.

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You would also need to identify what is being explored at each kick-off meeting. This could provide the agenda for a standard meeting.

Step 4: Proposal Development Process

You have your proposal outline at this stage.  You know who, what, where, why, and when.  Now, this is when the development of a proposal happens when you start putting all the pieces together.

There are various pieces included in drafting proposals.  These are:

  • The storyboard
  • Adding diagrams and images
  • Pricing the proposal
  • Review of the proposal

Regardless of the writing strategy, having a process will help facilitate creating a winning RFP.

Step 5: Submit the Proposal

Do you deliver your proposals by hand? Are you sending them out by mail? Maybe this one is by email. This may sound like trivial information, but if you do not send the proposal timely and arrives late, all the hard work will be lost, and the packet will not be evaluated due to missing the deadline.

Step 6: Proposal Closeout Phase

In this last step, once the proposal has been sent out, now it is time to file an electronic or printed copy of the whole proposal.  Again, we recommend that you generate a closeout report.  The report should capture lessons learned, was it a win or loss.  Also, make sure to have a system to update the proposal database to keep accurate updated content.

Interested in Proposal Management Training

To learn more about proposal management training, check out the Association of Proposal Management (APMP) Website. They offer certification programs for anyone interested in working in proposal management support. 

A Book Referring to Proposal Management

A great book to reference, “Writing Business Bids & Proposals for dummies” (click the image below) is a book that is completely based on writing and winning proposals. This book discusses the following areas:

  • The Proposal development Process

Pertains to a well-documented process to respond to Request for Proposal (RFP),

  • Writing Techniques

The book provides you with basic concepts to help you emphasize that the proposal development process is part of sales and business development.

  • Proposal-Specific Writing Tips

Additionally, this book offers more guidance on ensuring that the proposal is as professional as possible and that you are straightforward about how your plan to solve the customers’ problems.


Proposal management is not given the required importance sometimes. But in reality, proposal management is a key process for creating a winning proposal in the government marketplace. This is how proposal management works and helps you working with the government marketplace to succeed and enjoy remarkable achievements.

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