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Allow me to share with you my autobiography, a personal story of my life. I am a Soldier, a Wife, a Mother, and a Small Business Owner 

It was a hard adjustment for me going from a housewife for 7 years; to a full-time Soldier. My husband always wanted to serve in the United States Army. However, due to circumstance above him, he was not able to join. So, I did the next best thing, I joined the Army. Who would have thought it? That I would still be serving in the Army today. This is just one of my greatest accomplishments.

I am a contract specialist for the United States Army Reserve in a Contracting Battalion. Each assignment I have received allows me to grow and learn. When I was a First Sergeant for a Drill Sergeant Unit, I had to ensure the readiness of my unit. 

I have been serving in the military for over 15 years as I am writing this post. I have been deployed several times and temporary duty at so many locations. As I progressed in the military each position grew me into the woman I am today.  


Here is a just a little more about me.

When you are married for 22 years you learn that compromise is key to a happy marriage. Marriage can be very tough.  I still find it hard to believe that I have been married for over two decades. 

We have three wonderful children who we love with all our hearts. My husband had to raise the children often times by himself because I was either deployed or away on yet another military mission. Your marriage truly suffers, leaving one partner to do all the work while the other partner is gone.

He supported and pushed me at times when I thought I just was not going to make it in the military. I know if he would have been the one who got in the military, he would have made a great soldier. Although in marriage you deal with the ups and downs you find a way to keep going. That is just the truth, being married with 3 children. The struggle is real! Yet another part of my life.

A Mother, My Tribe (Family)

My oldest daughter, my beautiful big girl, who always wanted to do things her way. She was the kind of baby that did not want to be held, she would say put me down at 9 months old. Baby talk of course. She did not want baby food. Instead, she wanted to eat food the adults were eating. Often, she would wait until you fell asleep and then get into everything.

As she got older, she still was the same but she had a desire to help the less fortunate she volunteered for key club and any other organization she could.

Next, she wanted her own money so she got a part-time job and went to college while she was still in high school. I never forced her to do any of it she just had a passion to be the best and excel.

It did not surprise me when she decided she wanted to go in the Airforce and applied for the U.S Airforce Academy. Where she was accepted and is about to graduate. It was not easy nevertheless she has made it through. I look forward to her graduation in 2018. I plan on being her first to salute, my Big Girl.

My middle daughter, my beautiful brown sugar. She never wanted me to put her down. She would cry every time because she just wanted me to hold her. I would put her on the bed or in her bouncer as long as she could see me, she was fine.

This was my little troublemaker. 

They say the middle child has the most challenges because they are not the oldest or the baby. They are always trying to figure out where they fit.

I, however, was very surprised when my middle daughter told me she would also be joining the military. She decided she wanted to do something different and went into the Navy.

Last but not the least is my handsome baby boy. My little Marine, he would have a fit if he knew I was saying that. My little baby boy was, a bit of a crybaby when he was born. He cried all the time due to this eczema. He would scratch his little face until he bled. I took him to the doctors often to help him. As a mother, it was my job to find him relief.

I ran across a Herbal book that gave me great recommendations and his eczema had disappeared, so did his crying. I remember the many times,

He was also notorious for disappearing with his little blanket around 8:00 p.m. you would find him in his bed.

As he got older, he maintained that same routine.

He would wake his self-up early every morning ready for school. He was very independent. The girls were another story, it was always a challenge getting those two out of the house.

He really enjoyed being in the band. He was a just good son. I was blessed. I thank God every day. So, I was very surprised when he said I am joining the Marines.

My passion has always been to be a small business owner. When I was younger, I tried, but I was just not ready – I just didn’t know how to make it happen. What I did know is I was in need of money and a job. I was one of the people that couldn’t just take any job, so I went in the military when I was in my late twenties. Today, as my time in the service is coming to an end, this time I would fulfill my dream of being a small business owner.

To ensure success this time around. I saved up a nice cushion, got off active duty, and went into the reserves. It was time for me to start my business from scratch, and leave a legacy for my children. My goal would be to lay a foundation for building a successful, profitable, small business – consequently leading the way. I know the challenges you face when you are starting a business the long days and sleepless nights. Never quit and never give up. You may have to change directions and that is okay. Just keep moving. 

If you would like more information about who I am please check out my Linked InI look forward to connecting.

My goal is to build a community of successful, profitable, and financial independent small business owners.

Please look out for the next blog post as I will be sharing with you the ups, downs and the processes of how I started my business from Scratch. Allow me to share with you each phase of my journey. I will discuss certification process for working with the Federal Government and how to apply for subcontracting opportunities and marketing tips on selling your services to the Federal Government or business-to-business (b2b) and more. I will admit I do not know everything, but I know where to find it.

If you would like for me to write on a subject just send me an email or just add a comment as I read all my comments.

I wish you Success!


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