What to Expect When You Hire Government Consulting Services

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Last Updated 12/11/2022

Government Contracting Expertise

We focus on the critical functional areas of your company, such as business development, capture management, and proposal writing. We provide government contracting advice based on our years of experience as a Contracting Officer, Procurement Specialist Counselor,  Proposal Manager, Small Business Owner, and performing as a subcontractor.

Providing insight into your business to help you to win repeat contract awards. With the ability to speak from the viewpoint of the Contacting professional and the private sector.  Our job is to show your small business how to differentiate your services and why the agency would choose you over your competition.

When to Hire Us

If you would like to team with KeyToLife Professional Services LLC (KTL) for government consulting services.  Looking for a certified contracting professional to fill a significant gap on your team. 

The Company Requirements:
  • In business for at least 3- 4 years
  • Has generated revenue
  • Registered in System for Award Management (SAM.gov)
  • Have an active website
  • Have a LinkedIn Profile 

What We Do For Your Small Business

We help small business owners to navigate through the government contracting arena. We have had the pleasure of working with several entrepreneurs over the past few years, creating a profitable business working with the Government as Subcontractors. I started as a sub-consultant, working with teaming partners to grow my reach. This provided me with the ability to take on more projects.  KTL helps you with the following:

  • Business Development Process – How to find opportunities
  • Marketing & Sales Plan – Draft and implement  your plan to win contracts
  • Proposal Writing Process – How to sell your services and products
  • Government Sales Dashboard –  Monitor and Measure the win rate
  • Education & Training – On how to do business with agencies and prime contractors

By teaming with our company,  you have a strategic partner working on your behalf who is certified in government contracting and a member of the Association of Professional Management (APMP).  A self-certified veteran, minority women-owned expert as part of your team.   

Hiring Us will be an excellent investment. We guarantee! 

To understand more about working with the Government as a Subcontractor, here are your FREE quick-start guides to help you reach your business goals! Get yours now!


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