Consulting Services to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

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Let Us Help You With Reaching Your Business Goals.

As a Business Consultant, I provide professional advice based on my experience as an Acquisition professional. Providing insight into your business to help you to win repeat contract awards. With the ability to speak from the view point of the Contacting professional as well as from the private sector.  Our job is to show your small business how to differentiate your services and why the agency would choose your over your competition.

Hire a Specific Expertise

My job is to make your business a success. When you hire a subject matter expert. You hiring an expert in the field. I am Level III Certified Contracting Professional and have been training as several organizations experience in service buys, supplies and minor construction. I have a Bachelor degree and am currenting working on my MBA in Procurement Acquisition Management.

Due to my extensive background, knowledge and experience in Government Contracting I am able to help small business owners to navigate through the very complex Federal contracting arena. I have had the pleasure of working with several entrepreneurs over the past few years creating a profitable business working with the Government as Subcontractors. I started as a subconsultant working with teaming partners to grow my reach. This provided me the ability to take on more projects.

We are very responsive and hands on. A consultant who is able to fill a significant gap on your team. This will allow for fast-growth periods so that you can accomplish business goals successfully and reduce those specific inefficiencies that contribute to the decline of your business’ growth.

Save Valuable Time and Money

In fact, it is great if you have decided to handing over some responsibility KeyToLife Professional Services, LLC we will help you with:
  • Assessing where your business is currently positioned
  • Ensure you have defined your mission, vision, goals and objectives
  • Draft and implement your plan to win
  • Monitor and Measure win rate
  • Improve administration and deliverables’
  • Training

By working with a consultant, you will save your precious time. Allowing you to allocate that time on providing services to your clients starting new projects. Hiring me as your Consultant will be a very good investment. We guarantee!

To start your small business and to understand more about working with the Government as a Subcontractor, here are your FREE quick start guides to help you reach your business goals! Get yours now!


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